Unbroken Thread

by Sondi

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released July 5, 2012



all rights reserved


Sondi St John's, Newfoundland and Labrador

Sondi are a brainy progressive art rock band who happen to study brains, progressive politics, graphic arts and rocks in the daytime.

Brian Roome - Keyboards
Drew Brown - Bass
Liam Peacock - Singing and Guitar
Aiden Dunne - Drums

Chris Donnelly - Live drums, summer 2012
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Track Name: Let's Get This Train Wreck Started
I had a bad idea once that nearly got me killed
I let my better judgement stand and I regret it still
I had a bad idea I feel you will meet me in the middle of a pile of twisted steel
Track Name: Little Creatures
little creatures are running around in circles
watch and wait for the day to change
there's long day, short day as we know and see them
in tiny rooms, spinning wheels

we'll wager on a gentle hand
a better kind of human hand
a greater thing we understand
working on a plan

little creatures roll on to their backs and perish
watch and wait for the the day to end
there's a long life, short life, as we know and see them
oh merciful miracle!
Track Name: The Mad Hatter
broken ladders
I've failed to grapple on
hoping that I'll be
tape unravelling

what's the matter
I heard you chatter like
some mad hatter
it's quite unflattering

but I won't be confounded
I won't be confounded

one good idea
leads to many but
if we're so free of
wooden frames we have

broken ladders
I've failed to grapple on
hoping that I'll be
tape unravelling

underwater the colors aren't so bright
so tape me up and say...

I know that what i'm seeing makes sense
if taken only it's own context
what's that?
a loose end on a roll of tape

a mother knows and yes the men who
built those pyramids know but they aren't saying
Track Name: Brand Extension Push Strategy
boy, you're gonna love this
you're gonna scarcely believe what your eyes are seeing here
know we got you covered
and we can promise that you've only dreamed what we're givin' ya

boy, it's gonna last ya
it's gonna last ya the rest of your life and another one
wave to your doctor
you're gonna miss when he tell you you'd die if you live for

boy, it's gonna cure ya
it's gonna scrape off the rust and you'll shine like a new machine
leave all your frayed ends
you're gonna silently move as you crush what's between you and

everything you want is
everything we got here for ya
Track Name: I Am Not Afraid!
I am concerned about the way these days are disappearing
but I am not afraid!
I am concerned about the walls I jump at and keep on hitting
but I am not afraid!

What could go wrong, I'm told to ask to myself
Then when I'm done, I suppose I'll ask to myself
What's that you say?
Those thoughts were stray
So I'll tell myself I'm not afraid

I am concerned about the warning shots I keep on hearing
but I am not afraid!
I am concerned about the roadblocks that keep on appearing
but I am not afraid!

I am not afraid of the test phase
I am not afraid of what comes after that
and you will see I won't need to be afraid to be wrong
Track Name: Eternal Damnation
the heathens wanna make us live forever
if jesus never died we'd still have sin!
science is an abomination to our lord
they'll be wracked with righteous fire as they descend to eternal damnation
Track Name: The Complex
you wanna talk about a god
then I will show you a god
wanna make me feel small
see your bluff and it's called

If you wanna see me now
I'll be out on the street
do ya think this is right
let our people decide

honestly I don't expect much
talking on and on when I could show

after you kill me for the ninth time
you will notice I am not in the bag
after they see me on my time
you will notice they can't stay away

if you're shaking or salivating
Track Name: Vernon
Vernon's name was death and hell followed with him along
as he died in his proclaimed gasoline ecstasy there
and he vaporized into the air

don't want your 15th wife or the 15 years of her life
as she cries in your most shameful, nastiest ecstasy here
want's not a reason to care

Vernon tempted fate as he tilted his head back and laughed
friend have mercy here he knew he'd never be jailed
plots for his silence had failed

in a sanctuary for scum he's protecting with guns
ah, fuck off in your bunker we're coming for you anyway
not for your genius we're coming to take the guns away
not for your conquest we're coming to take the kids away
not for your genius we're coming to blow your house away
not for your centuries we're coming out to make them end today
don't worry we'll find out what's wrong with you
Track Name: Where Elephants Go To Die
Kill me now before I live too well
before my wrongful will is discovered
this will bother me

take me down to where we failed so well
before the gates of hell I'll uncover
If I live another day

All that I ever asked for
unbroken thread to hold on
though I am scarred and rope burned
help me peel my fingers back

there's a signpost telling you nothing at all
where elephants go to die
there's a sinking rock under bushes that block
our paeleontologist eyes

I'd give you a flower if I only had hands
I guess I'll just sit here in shock
I'll sit and wait here until you disappear
sink into the ground with this rock
Track Name: Forward/Backward
when we realized that infinity was a numeral in ink
it was then we fell on a broken branch 'cause we stopped too long to think
on the long way down we were wondering if we'd ever climb again
we forget, we know but we'll go back to wipe the ugly stain

there's a chest in the room with the broken toys and it smells like homespun gold
we purged the bile and the vinegar that was toxic just to hold
years from now we will break the seal and we'll read and weep with joy
at the answers found in a modern sound that continues to annoy

it was a nice idea to think so
we got the best intentions never say we don't
it's always nice to feel we're going forward fast with heads on a swivel
wise old owls say the view from this level tells me something else